3 May 2014

Tesco hudl review

I used to use the fake tablet(not famous brand at all) I got from my uncle for free
but that fake one is so slow , and one day I was so
frustrated to use it, working tooo slow, then I poke the sceen a few times too hard
and it had a crack. a real glass inside and it has crack
and it never work again, woops.

so I decided to buy my new tablet.
the reason why I decided tesco hudl is 'The Gadget show' on channel 5.

one day on the gadget show a few people was trying to use very similar tablets
and they compare which one is most comfortable one.
there were 5people there and _ people said tesco hudl is the best.

I'm a tesco club card member, collect the points as well.

so I bought this tesco hudl and very happy useing it.
tablet size is perfect, very fast working and very to use and search things.