6 May 2014

tesco longslot toaster review

 function of tesco longslot toaster

I normally stock bread in a freezer and toast from frozen
so I can show you which level of toast control can toast slow or fast.

remember, I tested all from frozen.

level 1 - just defrost the bread

level 2 - before it's get golden brown

level 3 - golden brown, perfect for me

level 4 - a bit burn.. some people might like this crunchy bit

level 5 - burn! too long. don't try this even your bread is frozen.

when you already toasted not long ago then you'd like to toast again,

it's going to be a bit different result because the toaster is already warmed up
so your toast might be over cooked.

 performances of tesco longslot toaster

tesco longslot toaster has

 - double toasting slots

 - carriage lever

 - frozen button
 - cancel button
 - toast control

- crumb tray at rear

simple enough to use.

(my old toaster was almost broken, couldn't toast evenly
upper part always heat too strong and bottom wasn't. )

  why do I like tesco's longslot toaster

I was looking for a toaster fits my familys favourite bread
which is a bit bigger than average one
so I normally had to toast half top then turn upside down to toast other half.

but this toaster is perfect size for me
as you can see the name 'longslot' , my family's favourite bread fit perfectly!

I didn’t need a toaster has small 4 slots, just wanted
longer slots than other toasters.